Wednesday, September 2, 2009

dojo drag and drop in AIR

Looking at common.js in the dojo.dnd package, I see this nice utility function:
Paste your text here.dojo.dnd._isMac = navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Macintosh") >= 0;
dojo.dnd._copyKey = dojo.dnd._isMac ? "metaKey" : "ctrlKey";

dojo.dnd.getCopyKeyState = function(e) {
// summary: abstracts away the difference between selection on Mac and PC,
// and returns the state of the "copy" key to be pressed.
// e: Event: mouse event
return e[dojo.dnd._copyKey]; // Boolean

However, this doesn't seem to work in AIR (only tested running on mac so far).

Switching the code to look like:
dojo.dnd._isMac = navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Macintosh") >= 0;
dojo.dnd._isAir = navigator.appVersion.indexOf("AdobeAIR") >= 0;
dojo.dnd._copyKey = dojo.dnd._isMac && !dojo.dnd._isAir ? "metaKey" : "ctrlKey";

seems to do the trick

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